Sunday, October 17, 2010

Part 3: Why do pagans adorn the Lord's Temples? The lesson

The message being:

We must reunite under the one Shepherd, the one God, Y;hweh. We can find Y'hweh through Yeshua. He came of the flock that are not his, the gentiles, and he carried them as if they were of his flock. He also carried their blasphemies and abominations and hopefully a few found Yeshua's message. He loves all and is the one, that has always been, the eternal Yeshua.

We dismiss the social, economic and religious climate of Yeshua's time, we dismiss these things for all of time periods of the Bible, when these things, that are of man and the beast, are in direct conflict with Y'hweh and help develop the messages in the Bible.

Ezekiel was shown many things, but he was shown Tammuz for a special reason. The saints stand beside the abdominal beast facing east to worship Sol Invictus, not Yeshua.

Customs of man hold only the 100% true meaning for those who created the custom. Each an every instance of evolution of that custom a proportional amount of knowledge is lost and the beast fills the void until it is corrupted.
Find the true Lord Y'hweh, Yeshua is the door.

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