Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Put away with your imagery of Y'Hweh (GOD)

Put away your imagery, no doubt how Holy in your mind of sloth, its an abomination unto the Lord!

Put away your childish imagery of Y'hweh (GOD) and Yeshua and ask for forgiveness of your ignorance!

Put away your feathers, your golden things, your figurines that holdeth your faith, your images of GOD!

Pray not to the winds of earth but to the fire of the Lord!

Put away your stars of false knowledge, your opposites the Law.

Put away your faith in nature and your prayers to her.

Put away your drums, your music, your howling.

Put away for tithes, your paper of righteousness.

We need to go back to the midst too find Y'hweh (GOD) and Yeshua will carry your works to the Father.

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