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What does it mean to Christians if the James Ossuary is Real?

Likeness of James Brother of Jesus

What does it mean if the James Ossuary is ruled authentic by an Israeli Court? That could be the question of the century, and the last century, well, maybe the last 2000 years.

It could mean a lot or it could mean very little, its according what camp of Christianity you are a member of. The Jewish repercussions is a different story, which we will get to.

Perpetual Virginity of Mary

Early Christian and Catholic Dogma dictates,

as I believe as well, that Yeshua was brought to this wicked earth via a virgin birth. It is a matter of faith and a matter of identity. Even though Isaiah 7:14 in the Hebrew text says almah (young woman) and not betulah (virgin), but it is still a matter of faith any way you look at it.

Protestant Christians of course believe in the virginity of Mary in regards to Yeshua(ONLY), the Catholic Church, as well as Islam, believe in the perpetual virginity of Mary, Mother of Yeshua.

This would dictate that Jesus would have had no "real" human blood (Yeshua did have blood running through his veins) brothers or sisters, seeing that Mary would have stayed virgin throughout her life. So this would put a stake in the heart of that particular Catholic and Islamic dogma.

This would be an extremely important moment in Christian history, if the ossuary turns out to be authentic.

Revised History of Early Judeo-Christian Church

It is generally agreed that after the earthly death of Yeshua his Brother James took control of the day to day operations of the new Judeo-Christian Church. They went to synagogue, observed the Torah, and if the Gospel of Matthew truly is, or part of, the lost Gospel of the Hebrews, the early Judeo-Christians believed in divinity of Yeshua the Christ.

So-called Jewish biblical authorities such as, Simcha Jacobovici, love to state that the early Judeo-Christians accepted Yeshua as the Messiah, but not the Son of God. Well they did accept Jesus as the Son of God, the divine offspring of the living God of Israel.

The James Ossuary could be considered by some in the Protestant Christian community, not to mention the agnostic and atheist communities, as an embarrassing blow to Catholic Dogma seeing that they alone sort of whitewashed the Judeo-Christian church out of existence, along with their writings. It would be a very important revelation to Christians everywhere and it should spark a debate on the early Christian Church.

All things will be revealed and the mysteries of the early Judeo-Christian Church could be revealed simply by the increase of interest in the subject, if indeed the ossuary is proven to be authentic.

First Archaeological Proof of Yeshua

I am not getting into this subject, because I have no desire to debate the existence of Yeshua. Faith as child.

Christian explosion in Israel

If the Israeli Government, Israeli antiquities and tourism industries bite on this artifact and display it in Jerusalem as a part of Israel's history this could be a revival of the early Judeo-Christian church or a revival of Christianity in general, especially in Israel.

This would also be a little embarrassing for Israeli Nationalists because they have been praying for "any tangible" archaeological evidence (early Temple period mostly) that corresponds with Biblical history and the first, major, Biblical (other than the Dead Sea Scrolls) artifact in Israel, would be Yeshua related.

I would not bet on Israel being to keen on displaying the James Ossuary, if authenticated.

On our Faith as believers of Yeshua the Christ

As far as our faith, believers of Yeshua as the Christ, the authentication of the ossuary would mean absolutely nothing. Yeshua gives us strict instructions on salvation and they are not that easy. We must accept Yeshua as the Son of God, and accept him as your Savior and Messiah. He was resurrected after being crucified for you buy fulfilling the Torah and early Prophecies. He is the blood of salvation.

We must accept Yeshua as the door to Y'hweh, the Father, the All Powerful, the absolute only God of man.

Remember; if you accept the Lord Jesus Christ he will accept you in front of his Father, and if you deny him he will likewise deny you in front of his Father. Simple.

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