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What makes the Global Generation unique according to the End Times

What are the basic ingredients for the certainty of the End Times prophesied by so many important children of God like Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and The Apostle John?

We will examine a few of the ingredients, especially the new Global Generation.

A Global Community with Global Social Values

We are now in the midst of a quickly developing global community or global generation, with global values.

We now have a collective consciousness with the rest of the world and right or wrong we now have to answer to a new set of global social values.

What you say, where you say it and whom you say it to is quickly becoming the guide stick of social correctness. Ultra-self awareness is quickly replacing the conscious and inner-Spirit. Right or Left political foundations are the new social foundation of this global generation. Regional sensibilities are eroding, and religion is quickly becoming the stuff of fiction and the source of intense ridicule.

The global generation are building a shallow wall around themselves with global politics, global opinion and global values in the hope of shielding themselves from ridicule among the world elite.

A Global Religious Consciousness

In today's world it really doesn't matter who you call God. The big three; Christianity, Judaism and Islam controls the deep rooted belief structure in the world's collective faith in God. Minor, yet major, differences between the three religions can be blamed for millions of lives lost over the last 2000 years.

The volatile mix of regional politics and religion is sitting at every doorstep of every home on planet earth.

Case in point; for the first time in human history an isolated religious view point can literally start a war. Localized religious opinion really matters is this day and age.

We witnessed the tragedy of the whole "burning the Karon" debacle.
We continuously watched Fox News and or CNN to make sure we are aligned with our global social values, not our individual social values. We consumed the story so we could project those opinions in the presence of our peers.

And once the drama had ended, we retired to our normal entertainment. Even though the incident took at least, 20 lives. I would say all together, more than 50 died during the protests ignited by a swampbilly preacher with 30 members that carry guns in the temple and wear rebel flag regalia. He should have been ignored by the mass media but he was not. Why? Because the sensibilities of America's participants in the developing global culture is closely aligned with mainstream European sensibilities in regard to American religion in the heartland. This culture of unrestrained religious and social ridicule only deepened the fissures within our social fabric here in America, driving the left and right further apart.

This so-called preacher and the mass media are technically murderers, even though the so-called preacher had NO idea this would lift him into the clouds of controversy so fast and so high without remorse.

Ones that believe in Y'hweh and Yeshua know, instinctively, that when we no longer care, as individuals, for 50 lives here and a 100 lives there, we are in the midst of catastrophe.

Our global society is so depraved we now allow "entertainment" to decide who lives and who dies. In the near future this will be the norm.

This will not be the last, this preacher is only the first of hundreds to come.

The Perversion of Religion

Religion sells in our worldwide mass media market. The struggles, wars, death and depravity of Spirit always makes intriguing headlines. Jihad, hypocrisy and sexual depravity have replaced justice, charity and humbleness.

The business of religion has replaced the mission of religion. We ignore the world's poor and starving for idealistic strife. The new generation of global citizen are quickly rebuking religion because the perversion has outweighed the spiritual nurturing. And by that, we lose the next generation and that generation will be susceptible for manipulation by a grand religious deceiver.

We have perverted the Spirit of God and that spirit is quickly leaving this planet, HE will soon shut his ears for good. And it is all by own design.

The Return of the Roman Empire

The return of the Roman Empire will begin with Roman style debauchery and Roman vice. This is by far the most adulteress generation since the height of Roman Empire. And our entertainment numbs our senses to the real horror of being depraved. Adultery and social wickedness are the two main weapons at Satan's disposal. He fools with vanity and seals your fate with depravity.

We cannot watch a single minute of any program on American TV without seeing an ad for a pill that can revitalize your sexual desire. Adultery and sexual depravity are now totally acceptable within our global social community. Homosexuality is a sore subject for most religious peoples. The global community requires the total unadulterated acceptance of that lifestyle. Without question and without discussion. Individual convictions are quickly fading and we are becoming real silent minority in today's global community.

The depravity of the Romans is the main overlooked facet of the modern establishment of the Roman Empire.

Vulnerable Spirit of Man 

We know the horrors of the Holocaust and its affect on society, its imprint will never be removed from the consciousness of the global community for as long as this little blue ball spins. As it should be. Those horrible atrocities have plagued the Jewish people for 5000 years. The most horrible of all, the atrocities of Hitler, were born out of chaos and the spiritual and social vulnerability of a nation of people.

It was deceit on a grand scale. From the womb of catastrophe chaos will come. These incidents, no matter how horrible, have been confined to certain regions of the planet. We inch closer to certain global catastrophe and we have lost our centered Spirit of God. The global generation have a different set of values that define their spiritual beliefs and convictions. Those ground rules differ greatly from the ancient word of God as a whole.

The global generation are becoming spiritually hollow and thus makes that generation more susceptible to spiritual deceit after a global catastrophe.

We are setting ourselves up for a massive fall and ironically almost all the subjects discussed in this article are homegrown issues. We have created this atmosphere of Godlessness ourselves.

The Technology of Prophecy

Ancient Jewish and Judeo-Christian prophecy has a true technological element. We can now communicate instantly around the world. The global social network is indeed a reality, not so much so 5 years ago, but today in 2010 the world's social connectivity is clearly awesome. So the strange elements within Revelations, Daniel and Isaiah in regards to instant knowledge and communication is today a real honest reality.

The technology of war is at its most advanced in human history. We have the ability to fulfill most of the horrors of the End Times prophecies with our own technology. We have the technological abilities to fulfill the true intent of the mark of the beast. Everything is laid out perfectly for the FIRST time in human history. The skeptics will always fall back on their conclusions that "all these things, earthquakes, other natural disasters and war have been around for thousands of years so all this has happened before" and they stop there.

The truth is we have NEVER been in this position before as a human species. We now have ability to literally change the entire world's climate with our technology. We have the ability to destroy the entire world with our weapons of war. We live in insanely dangerous regions of the world where natural disasters are killing millions with a swipe of God's hand. Yes, natural disaster have been with earth since conception, but these seemingly routine events are killing hundreds of thousands at a moments notice because of where the earth's population now reside.

What to Expect

The judgements are being handed down as we speak and as we inch closer to certain global catastrophe the children of God need to prepare for the worst. In due time will God pass judgement on a population of people so massive that it will set the stage for a grand manipulator, as the Holy Bible says will come.

The children of God must be, as Yeshua says, "Wise as serpents and gentle as doves" in our daily lives representing God and Yeshua. We, the children of God, will help fulfill the prophecies as we will continue to witness for the Lord within all  four corners of this tiny planet. The advent of instant, reliable, communication gives us the ability to witness for our Lord anywhere, any time.

The beast is setting the table for the tribulation of the children of God by commanding the information highway with seeds of doubt and outright social condemnation of Christ and the Father. After the collapse of the Christian church it is time for the beginning of sorrows, the tribulation in which no Christian will escape, no matter how deeply rooted their beliefs of a miraculous rescue from the clouds.

 As Isaiah said "with the rebuke of one ten will flee" and when we are in the death throws of this soon approaching worldwide disaster Christian defection will be simply awesome, as it is now. Yeshua also said the same thing would happen toward the end.

The pagan hath blinded and deafened God's children, our rituals are largely abominations in the eyes of God and if we had one ounce of brain matter left we would take heed the words of Isaiah and the words of Yeshua in the Hebrew Gospels (Matthew) and realize that many are called but few are chosen.

The game of religion and the tradition of perverse rituals hath sowed the seeds of our destruction and many Christians and Jews will be pale, crying and distraught the day they realize that they got it completely wrong and on that day will they soon realize that they did it to themselves by taking the easy road and the road of traditions over the commandments of God.

We must return to God in the midst of ourselves and eliminate the idols of any likeness that commands the same reverence as our Holy Father and his Holy Son. We must stop the hatred of God's first chosen children, the Jews, and return to the message of Christ and that is ironically mostly contained in the Torah, the same Torah our early Church leaders told us to abandoned. They were right in their assumption that the Gentile man and common liberal Jew cannot make it to Heaven on the Torah alone, Christ fulfilled the Torah for the Gentile and lost Jews so we could actually find salvation.

We must help the poor and weak instead of talking about helping the poor and weak. We must help the helpless ones within our own community first and witness for the Lord at every step.

We must love our enemy and show him charity and goodwill so we may have a chance to plant the seed of the Lord in his heart.

All these thing and more we must do daily if we are to enter the gates of Heaven.

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