Friday, November 5, 2010

Christianity, Yeshua (Jesus), is being destroyed by the Beast via the internet and mass media

If one searches for "Christianity" or "Jesus" using the common search engines of today most will find blasphemous images and blasphemous information. This is something that is recent to man and the internet. This deterioration of Christianity as a religious identity is of prophecy, as it was said that at the rebuke of one ten will flee. The abominations of the Catholic Church (not reflecting on the people of that Church only the leaders who have deceived the masses for centuries) have cause this to happen. The abuse of Yeshua's little ones who trusted their Church leaders but instead found satan's legions in the closed confines of the temple will be redeemed at the Judgement.

One does not have to commit the truth to memory as the truth is the truth and comes without effort. One must remember a lie as lies beget more lies and weight of deception eventually causes the roof of your temple to collapse. This is what we are seeing in todays' world with identity of Christianity.

The Protestants who have also taught false doctrine and have judged the poor and rebuked the poor have also been judged in the public consciousness. The misconceptions of Yeshua and the politics of this Church have cause the degradation of Christianity as an identity.

The Beast is on the doorstep of the temple and within the temple and within God's children. But we have opened the door for the beast ourselves by our traditions of pagan idol worship, lies, murder, false doctrine, abuse of the little ones, sexual depravity within the temple, the murder of the innocents, wicked politics, judgemental minds, the rejection of Y'hweh as the supreme GOD of all things.

Don't be fooled by what you may find on the internet. The situation will only grow worse and the WORD will be harder and harder to find. Do what you have to do to ensure that the TRUE WORD of Y'hweh and Yeshua will always find the sick of spirit, the needy of faith.

All these things we have done to ourselves via centuries of deception. May all who read this find the WORD via the Good Book and fall to their knees and pray to Y'hweh and his Son Yeshua the Christ and they may be guided and find the gift of the Holy Ghost. If you ask of Yeshua with a pure heart he will find you. Commit yourself to prayer instead of trusting the twisted doctrine of man.

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