About Us and Our Doctrine

Y'hwehyeshua.com is a Judeo-Christian based website.

We use the Holy Bible for our teachings. We desperately try NOT TO twist Y'hweh's WORD as we go by the rules of the PARDES system and strive uphold the P'shat (The literal meaning of the WORD is the meaning of the WORD and cannot be overruled). We try to base our interpretations, of other Scriptures, within the Holy Word using sound commonsense. We also try to avoid a singular interpretation of the WORD. Meaning; we try not to isolate the Scripture from other Scripture, we try and associate the WORD together throughout the Holy Bible.

NOTE: Our interpretations of End Time Prophecy are 'interpretations", some may take it as a warning while others may take it with a grain of salt.

The opinions expressed on this site are not connected or associated, in any way, to any Christian or Jewish denomination, or specific Church based dogma. We wish not to offend anyone, but this is unavoidable when dealing with the WORD of GOD. There are many different beliefs and many different interpretations of Y'hweh's WORD. We strive to teach as the WORD is written. But we apologize in advance anyway if we offend anyone who visits this site.

Specifically, we reject ANY AND ALL pagan based Church dogma and theology such as the trinity and the popular explanation of the godhead. We believe that Yeshua is the Messiah and the WORD of GOD made flesh, as the WORD says. Yeshua is Y'hweh's second in command of all things and Y'hweh's WORD is Yeshua. But Y'hweh is the Father of all and above all. We also believe that Yeshua's WORD in the New Testament is the FINAL WORD or explanation of Old Bible prophecy associated with Yeshua.

We also believe that Yeshua is the divine offspring of Y'hweh, not merely a man; also as it is written. We also believe that Yeshua is eternal to man as it is written in Genesis 1-3, this Light was the WORD, and as we mentioned before the WORD was made flesh with Yeshua.

Our specific mission is to teach the WORD and to combat the Beast who is attacking the WORD every day via the internet and in the mass media. We are missionaries to all but specifically we are missionaries to the Jews. The managers of this site do claim Jewish heritage (a mere drop of this heritage, but a seed of Jewish heritage all the same) and approach the WORD and PRAYER as Jews but we accept, totally, the New Testament. 

We believe that we are preaching the WORD, via the internet, around the entire world.

If anyone has any questions or private comments you can reach us at y.hwehyeshua@gmail.com.