Beware of: The Naked Archaeologist- Simcha Jacobovici

We must stress that we do not promote any theology, or man made dogma. We simply follow the Holy Word and stay aware of serious threats to the WORD by individuals who mislead.

Biblical Archeology is a subject that all people, aware of their faith, should be paying attention to. I can only think of one, now in syndication, program that dealt specifically with Biblical Archeology. The name of the show is The Naked Archaeologist, the host and creator is Simcha Jacobovici of Canada.

Simcha Jacobovici fails to inform the audience of his lack of scientific credentials as an archaeologist. He is a film maker, not a scientist. His programs are produced with a "historical and educational" flavor, while all along promoting his bias against believers in Yeshua, or Christians. He uses tabloid tactics by promoting a "one sided" source for key issues within the program, while masquerading as an education and scientific authority. He is widely criticised for his lack of scientific credentials, nontransparent bias and tabloid style.

We have provided commentary for a few of the episodes that we think were anti-Yeshua, in one way or the other. We have not listed all the episodes of The Naked Archaeologist that may attack Yeshua, just the one's we can remember. This is an opinionated commentary, I am also biased in my support of Yeshua.

Ep. #4: What Killed Herod?
One of the most brutal and brilliant leaders of ancient times, the first century King died with worms crawling from his flesh before he expired. On the one hand he was famous for impressive public works and architecture; on the others, for the Biblical slaughter of the firstborn sons of Israel and extraordinary cruelty including murdering his own family.

(Of course Simcha Jacobovici takes an opportunity to take a jab at the Gospel's account of the murder of young male infants in or around Bethlehem during the time of Yeshua's birth. He promotes King Herod's building ability and his cohorts defend the King of the butchers.)

Eps. #5 and #6: Real or Fake? and Fame & Forgery?
The antiquities market has always been plagued by fakes and forgeries. But current controversies over the James Ossuary and Jehoash Stone are plagued by politics, making a proper assessment of their authenticity nearly impossible. Can science actually prove what's real and what's fake - and how did it all get so political?

(Simcha Jacobovici actually seems to promote the belief that the James Ossuary may be real, thus lending credence to the possibility of this Ossuary being associated with James the Just, brother of the Lord. The WORD says he had siblings. With the Ossuary being authentic, centuries of Catholic and Islamic dogma, in regards to the perpetual virginity of Mary, Mother of Yeshua, would be called into serious question. We, by faith alone, believe in the Virgin Birth of Yeshua. The perpetual virginity of Mary is another matter.)

Ep. #9: Jesus: The Early Years
The Gospels sometimes contradict each other in their descriptions of Jesus' early years and not much is known about how he spent his childhood. Now archaeology can help uncover some clues about his early influences and even his birth.

(A typical Yeshua hit piece, beware. - this will be updated in the future.)

Ep. #10: John the Baptist
New archaeology has revealed what may be the cave where St. John baptized new converts to Christianity.

(VERY misleading title.  Simcha Jacobovici cites Leonardo Davinci as a source for his so-called hypothesis that John the Baptist was held in higher regard, within the early Church, than Yeshua. He actually cited Davinci of all people. Believers in Yeshua will turn it off in 6 minutes flat.)

Ep. #13: The Last Man Standing
The first century historian, Flavius Josephus, is the most frequently quoted scholar when it comes to the history of Jesus' time. But are his views accurate? We get a profile of the controversial historian.

(He cites one so-called quote by Flavius Josephus, an ancient Israeli historian, that mentions Yeshua. Too my knowledge he fails to discuss another quote by Flavius Josephus that is believed to be authentic.  Simcha Jacobovici rightly questions the veracity of the featured quote from Josephus, as this quote, was likely added to his collection of historical observations, during 1st century Israel, in the 2nd or 3rd century by early Church scribes. Jacobovici immediately questions the existence of Yeshua. He actually used the lies and deceit of the early Gentile Church against Christians today. Lies and deceit will always find its way back to the people for which it originated. We must stress that he mentions NO OTHER historical source )

Ep. #14: Crucifixion
In ancient times, thousands of people's lives ended, excruciatingly, on the cross. Despite the fact that so many were crucified, little physical evidence of it remains. We investigate why there is so little archaeological proof and visit the only known artifact - a foot with a nail through it - in an Israeli museum.

(He goes after Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. I must admit that I have still not watched the movie, I have had the DVD for 5 years, still in the plastic. I choose not revel in the destruction of Christ on Earth, in such a horrible, disturbing, manner. It should be remembered, but Gibson has proved himself to be quite the anti semite and most certainly cannot be used as a source for Christians, but that does not stop Simcha Jacobovici. Again, the exaggerations, defiled promotion, and abominations of Christians came back to haunt us.

Jacobovici cites a movie Hollywood movie for his argument attacking the Crucifixion of Yeshua. Amazing.

Ep. #20: Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?
In the 1950s a Bedouin shepherd's sheep stumbled upon some ancient scrolls in a cave on the shores of the Dead Sea. This accidental find would prove to be the greatest archaeological discovery of the twentieth century.

No commentary, will be updated.

Ep. #23: The Mother of Archaeology
St. Helena was the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine. She convinced him to establish Christianity as the official state religion in the 4th century. She was also the first Christian pilgrim. Simcha visits some of the holiest Christian sites to find out how accurate St. Helena was.

(I knew we had this coming; Simcha Jacobovici follows the Catholics lead and lies (even in the description of this so-called educational episode) about Roman Emperor Constantine's role in early Christianity. Constantine DID NOT establish Christianity he established the Catholic Church as the only legal church in the Roman Empire, an "Antichrist" like act. Jacobovici has a field day attacking the traditions of the early Gentile Church. Again lies and deceit will always fall on the heads, and on the children's heads, of the people for which it originated.)

 We will try and provide more information as we take a closer look at Simcha Jacobovici's so-called documentaries in the near future.